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                  Euroasian Jewish News
                  Antisemitic incidents rampant in last few weeks across Ukraine
                  20.09.2019, Ukraine
                  Israel Is a 'Russian-Speaking Country,' Putin Says
                  September 19: Rebirth of the estonian jewish community
                  With Putin cracking down on democracy, Russian Jews are increasingly moving to Israel
                  19.09.2019, Russia
                  Historic Belarus Synagogue Restored To Jewish Hands
                  18.09.2019, Jewish Communities
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                  World Jewish News
                  Netanyahu urges coalition with Gantz and the right, which vows to back him as PM
                  19.09.2019, Israel
                  Russia prevents Israeli airstrikes in Syria
                  16.09.2019, Israel and the World
                  Netanyahu gets pre election support from Putin in Sochi
                  13.09.2019, Israel and the World
                  PM expected to meet Putin later this week
                  09.09.2019, Israel and the World
                  Arrivals: I wanted to be a Jew
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                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part I
                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part II
                  EAJC Congress College Session. Moscow, February 18, 2010.
                  EAJC Congress College Session. Moscow, February 18, 2010.
                  EAJC Salutations to Great Patriotic War Veterans. Kiev, May 7, 2010
                  President of Israel Meets With Russian Jewish Community. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
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                  Some statistics on antisemitism in Ukraine
                  20.09.2019, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
                  Russia widens footprint in Middle East
                  10.09.2019, Israel and the World
                  Israel Must Remain Vigilant in Its Relations with Poland
                  05.09.2019, Israel and the World
                  What It’s Like to Be Jewish in Estonia
                  04.09.2019, Communities of Eurasia
                  In Polish Ceremony Marking 80 Years Since WWII, the Poles Forgot One Thing
                  02.09.2019, Israel and the World
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                  «Programm Report of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Office in Kiev – 2015»

                  Most of EAJC programs are implemented by the EAJC Directorate (Kiev, Director – EAJC General Council Chairman, Chairman of the Vaad of Ukraine Josef Zissels, Program Director – Mila Braginskaya).