Alexander Mashkevich
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                  Alexander Mashkevich

                  Alexander Antonovich Machkevitch -- former Presedent of EAJC.

                  Born on February 23rd, 1954, in Frunze city (Bishkek), Kyrgyzia.

                  In 1970 he graduated from the Kyrgyz State University, and received a candidate's degree in Pedagogy. He was the dean of the Kyrgyz Faculty of Pedagogics.

                  In Perestroika years he took up business. Currently he is the President of the Eurasian Industrial Association (Kazakhstan); Chairman of the Council of Directors of the Euroasian Bank (Kazakhstan); one of the leaders of “Kazakhstan Mineral Resources”.

                  Alexander Machkevitch financed the building of synagogues in Pavlodar (dedicated to the memory of his mother) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). Five more synagogues are being built in other cities of the Kazakhstan republic.

                  Alexander Machkevitch participated in financing the building of an Orthodox Christian church and a mosque in Pavlodar.

                  Alexander Machkevitch yearly buys 15-20 tons of matzoth in Israel for subsequent free distribution among the Jews of Kazakhstan. He also pays 20 stipends to Kazakhstan students, including Jews.

                  President of the Kazakhstan Jewish Congress, member of the Executive Committee of the European Jewish Congress, member of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress.

                  From 2002 till 2011, Alexander Machkevitch was EAJC President.