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                  EAJC Presidium

                  Presidium of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

                  The Presidium provides general leadership for the activity of the Congress, with the exception of questions which are within the exclusive competence of the General Assembly according to the charter. The Presidium of the Congress is elected for a term of five years.

                  The following questions are within the exclusive competence of the Presidium:

                  • definition of priority directions of Congress activity;

                  • decisions on ordinary and special convocations of the General Assembly;

                  • approval of the General Assembly agenda;

                  • ascertainment of the amount of remuneration and compensation paid to members of the Presidium and the Executive Directorate;

                  • ascertainment of the amount of remuneration for members of the Inspection commission;

                  • approval of internal documents which define the procedures of the Congress;

                  • definition of Congress property use;

                  • creation of Congress branches and offices;

                  The Presidium is led by the Congress President; in his absence – by one of the deputies (Vice-Presidents) appointed by the Congress President. The number of deputies is determined by the Congress President.

                  The Presidium includes the General Council Chairman and the Secretary General, and also the presidential deputies (Vice-Presidents) of the Congress.

                  The resolutions of the Presidium are adopted by a simple majority of votes if there is a quorum (50 % + 1).