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                  EAJC Secretariat

                  The Secretariat is charged with the development of the ideological programs of the Congress.

                  The Secretariat is nominated by the Secretary General, and subsequently appointed by the Congress President for a term of five years.

                  During its term of office, the Secretariat is led by the Secretary General, nominated by the Congress President and approved by the GA.

                  The Secretariat carries out the decisions of the GA, GC, and the Congress President.

                  The Secretariat is responsible for the accomplishment of EAJC projects, and follows the strategy developed by the General Assembly and the Congress Presidium.

                  The priority directions of activity for the Secretariat are as follows:

                  • youth;

                  • racism/anti-Semitism;

                  • restitution;

                  • compensations for Holocaust survivors;

                  • relations with Israel;

                  • relations with Jewish organizations in the region;

                  • PR;

                  • information;

                  • finances;

                  • religious relationships and culture, in cooperation with the respective international organizations;

                  • any research necessary for Congress activity.

                  The Secretary General is responsible for the development and preparation of the corresponding ideological documents. The Secretary General is accountable to the President and the General Council, and is a member of the General Council and Congress Presidium.