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                  EAJC Directorate

                  The Directorate is responsible for overseeing ongoing Congress activity, and carries out the decisions of the GA, Presidium, and the Congress President.

                  The Directorate acts on behalf of the Congress, including: representation of Congress interests, arrangement of deals in the Congress' name, approves staff lists, issues decisions, and gives orders which are mandatory for all Congress workers.

                  All questions related to the maintenance of Congress activity and defined by this charter, with the exception of those in the exclusive competence of the GA and Presidium, are within the competence of the Directorate.

                  The Directorate is elected by the Presidium of the Congress for a term of five years. The Congress Treasurer is part of the Directorate.

                  The Directorate is led by the Director, elected by the Congress Presidium.


                  • acts independently on behalf of the Congress in relations with third parties;

                  • grants the right to act on behalf of the Congress;

                  • issues orders on appointing workers and their dismissal, determines payment systems, determines salary and extra pay amounts, determines and applies bonuses and penalties.