EAJC Council of Directors
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                  EAJC Council of Directors

                  Council of Directors (CoD) of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress is one of the executive bodies of the Congress.

                  The CoD has its own tasks – to form and develop a business community under the aegis of the Congress, with the aim of attracting it to the charity and social activities of the Congress.

                  To adhere to these tasks more effectively, the CoD focuses its efforts on supporting business initiatives and business interests, to provide an exchange of commercial information, to provide spaces for informal business and interpersonal communication, to arrange meetings and consultations with leading experts and business authorities, and to realize joint commercial projects.

                  Members of the CoD are given the right of initiative for forming programs and projects of the Congress, planning Congress events, and giving advice and consultations to other Congress bodies.

                  The CoD is lead by its Chairman, appointed by a decision of the Congress Presidium. Deputies of the CoD Chairman are selected from the CoD member roster.

                  The CoD meets regularly, no rarer than four times a year.

                  The President and Vice-President of the Congress, Secretary General, and Chairman of the General Council may take part in the meetings of the Council of Directors. The Vice-President, the leader of the “Evolution” project, is the permanent representative of the Congress Presidium in the CoD.

                  CoD meetings may be lead by its Chairman, as well as by the President or Vice-President of the Congress. Resolutions of the CoD are adopted by a simple majority of votes among its members if there is a quorum (50%+1). There is a minimum financial due for CoD members, the sum of which goes to Congress charity and social activity.