Jewish gravestones desecrated in Rome cemetery
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                  Jewish gravestones desecrated in Rome cemetery

                  Jewish gravestones desecrated in Rome cemetery

                  17.05.2017, Anti-Semitism

                  A Jewish section of a cemetery in Rome was desecrated.

                  Unidentified individuals damaged dozens of gravestones and memorials in both the Catholic and Jewish sections of the Verano cemetery.

                  The culprits smashed or toppled crosses as well as Stars of David and damaged headstones, tombs, vases and memorial plaques.

                  Surveillance cameras have several youths entering the cemetery during the night and then running through it smashing tombs.

                  In a statement, the Rome Jewish Community said it was too soon to determine if anti-Semitism had played a role in the incident.

                  Elsewhere in Europe, a synagogue’s window was smashed Wednesday in North London. A group of youths was seen fleeing the scene, according to a report by the Campaign Against Antisemitism watchdog.

                  Separately, a monument commemorating the Holocaust in Chernivtsi in Southwestern Ukraine was defaced with neo-Nazi slogans. The incident took place on Thursday night. The monument was erected last year.

                  On a wall adjacent to the monument, the culprits, who have not been identified, painted swastikas, the neo-Nazi greeting “sieg” and the digits 14/88, which are code for White Power slogans.