The Ambassador of Russia in Israel: Rebellion of HAMAS in Gaza started because of USA
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                  The Ambassador of Russia in Israel: Rebellion of HAMAS in Gaza started because of USA

                  The Ambassador of Russia in Israel: Rebellion of HAMAS in Gaza started because of USA

                  09.11.2018, Israel and the World

                  Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Israel, Anatoly Viktorov said that in the recent riots of Hamas in Gaza to blame Washington.

                  So, Viktorov said that from March on the Israeli border were killed in the riots 160 Palestinians. The Russian Ambassador ascribed the situation to change US policy towards Jerusalem.

                  “These protests were prompted by the decision by Washington,” said Viktorov.

                  He also rejected the idea that the so-called riots during the “March of the March of return” was triggered by the Hamas leadership in order to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip.

                  Given the Jerusalem Declaration trump, the Palestinian national authority the right to abandon the United States as a mediator in the peace process, said Viktorov.

                  “We can understand them. Of course,” said the Ambassador.

                  In addition, Viktorov stressed that unilateral decisions rarely produce the expected result. To rectify the situation can a concerted effort by all international actors in the peace process based on international law and previous UN resolutions.

                  To the question, does the Ambassador to the Palestinians at least look at the long-awaited peace plan of the US administration, before refusing? Viktorov said: “Why would we do that?”.

                  “After the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the Palestinians justifiably believe that the American plan for the settlement is nothing good they will not bring”, – concluded the Ambassador.

                  Viktorov, a year ago held the position of head of the Russian foreign Ministry Department on international humanitarian cooperation and human rights rejects the definition of Hamas as a terrorist organization. He declared: “We do not consider Hamas a terrorist organization. Because Hamas is part of Palestinian society, whether you like it or not.”

                  The Ambassador said: “the Reality is that Hamas is part of Palestinian society, so we support contacts with Hamas, discussed with him the prospects for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, the question of Palestinian unity, and humanitarian problems of Gaza.”

                  On the question of how Russia relates to the celebrations in Gaza and the West Bank every time after the murder of the Jews, Viktorov said: “We condemn violent actions. In our contacts with representatives of Hamas, we usually point out the unacceptability of such actions. At the same time, you can’t say that all 200 of the Palestinians killed since March this year, were terrorists. This is incorrect. It’s not fair. They are not terrorists”.

                  Victoria also reported that the attitude of Hamas as a terrorist organization “undermines the prospects of the peace process without Hamas political process “will come to a standstill”.