Russia calls for ending Israel bombing of Gaza
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                  Russia calls for ending Israel bombing of Gaza

                  Russia calls for ending Israel bombing of Gaza

                  27.03.2019, Israel and the World

                  The Russian foreign ministry expressed its deep concerns regarding the latest wave of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq reported yesterday.

                  In a statement, reported by the newspaper, the Russian foreign ministry described the Israeli bombing of the Strip as “dangerous” and warned it might renew the armed conflict between the two sides and lead to killing of civilians.

                  The Russian ministry called for both sides to show restraint and return immediately to a sustainable ceasefire, stressing that stopping violence, reaching solutions for Gaza and achieving sustainable peace in the region necessitate the resumption of peace talks based on UN resolutions and Arab Peace Initiative.

                  During the past two days, Israeli warplanes carried out more than 50 strikes in the Gaza Strip that damaged 500 Palestinian homes.

                  The Ministry of Health said that ten Palestinians were wounded in the Israeli attacks.