Anti-Semitism in Russia, 2010: Final Report
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                  Anti-Semitism in Russia, 2010: Final Report


                  General situation

                  Anti-Semitic crimes

                  Instigation of acts of harassment towards Jews

                  Formation of a negative stereotype of the Jewish people

                  Ascription of hostile actions and dangerous attitudes towards other nations and religious groups to Jews

                  Holocaust revisionism

                  Denial of the right to existence and self-defense of the Jewish state, justification of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish terrorism

                  Use of human rights rhetoric to justify anti-Semitism

                  Anti-Semitic manifestations from representatives of the authorities

                  Reaction of the authorities to manifestations of anti-Semitism

                  Society against anti-Semitism

                  Law enforcement practice


                  Report prepared as part of the Expert Group on Anti-Semitism of the World Jewish Congress Committee on the Former USSR. Author - Semen Charny.