David Yakobashvili Addresses EAJC Congress College
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                  David Yakobashvili Addresses EAJC Congress College

                  EAJC Vice President, Chairman of the Board of Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods David Yakobashviliv and EAJC Executive Vice President Yuri Raskin

                  David Yakobashvili Addresses EAJC Congress College


                  On April 22, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Vice President, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wimm-Bill-Dann company David Yakobashvili was the guest of honor at a session of the Congress College, a buisness club operating under the auspices of the EAJC. The guest speaker was artistically presented by Alexander Borisov, Director General of the Moscow International Business Association, where Yakobashvili serves as a member of the Board, with special emphasis the integrity and exceptional personal qualities of the guest.

                  David Yakobashvili touched upon much broader issues than the title of his speech, "From the Viewpoint of Real Business," suggested. Yakobashvili shared his views on the specific ways that the current global financial crisis manifests in Russia and its implications on food production, the field where his company holds a leading position. He spoke at length about the difficulties faced by local industries: interactions with authorities that often create tough business conditions, communication with various inspection organizations, and finding good staff. Yakobashvili expressed his opinion on the pricing of food products in Russia and on creating the consumer market. During his speech, he repeatedly pointed out that the country needs a "brain incubator” and the importance of investing in new ideas to be developed and implemented by business.
                  Despite the many problems described above, the presentation had a positive vibe. David Yakobashvili repeatedly stressed that he is optimistic about Russian business and that he believes that the situation will be developing in a civilized and effective manner. In his speech David Yakobashvili emphasized the humanitarian aspects of the business. He noted that the businessman should be getting positive emotions that just by doing his business - otherwise, it is better to change sphered of activity.
                  One of the ways to produce positive changes, according to David Mikhailovich, is charity. He noted his certainty in that doing good things for others, one does good things for oneselfThe famos "Hurry to do good things!" slogan was quite fitting for this part of his speech.

                  The businessman
                  also spoke about his family history. He inherited his passion for business from his ancestors: his grandfather was a major supplier of leather for the army of the Russian Empire, and his father was among the so-called "tsehoviki” in Soviet times.
                  Yakobashvili spoke much about the relationship between a man and the world where he lives. He spoke about the need to leave our small planet to our descendants in a condition which al least would not be worse than we received it from our ancestors.  As the EAJC Congress College Chairman, EAJC Executive Vice President Yuri Raskin said after the speech, "it was the kindest, the warmest and the most humane speech" that he had ever heard from a businessmen of such high level.
                  Discussion of issues raised in the speech then continued in a dialogue between David Yakobashvili, members of the Congress College, and invited media representatuves.
                  At the conclusion of the working part of the meeting, the guests were shown a presentation of the Congress College website (www.con-col.com), which has recently begun its work. Yuri Raskin lead the virtual tour of the site and demonstrated different ways to use it for both business and personal interests of the community, noting its effectiveness in addressing collegial issues of the community as a whole.
                  The evening ended with an informal reception.