Seminar for Students of Journalism in Zhitomir
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                  Seminar for Students of Journalism in Zhitomir

                  The lecture of Vyacheslav Likhachev

                  Seminar for Students of Journalism in Zhitomir


                  A seminar for future journalists on the problems of news coverage related to tolerance, xenophobia, migration, and the life of national minorities has taken place on November 19th in the Zhitomir State University named after Ivan Franko.
                  The event was organized by the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine (CNCU; Executive Vice President Josef Zisels) together with the Center of Civil Education as part of the large-scale project “Ukrainian Books for Teaching Tolerance,” which is supported financially by the Netherlands organizations Anne Frank House and the Fund for Centeral and East European Book Projects.
                  The seminar taught the future journalists about the general definitions of tolerance, xenophobia, and hate speech. There was a lecture on international relations and cases of xenophobia in modern Ukraine and in the world. The second part of the seminar had them practice their acquired knowledge through practical work and various exercises. The lectures were given by EAJC General Council member, political scienties and journalist Vyacheslav Likhachev, and the exercises were given by psychologist Kira Kreiderman (Kishinev, Moldova). The students also received gift sets of books that were published as part of the project, including, among others, the CNCU handbook “Policulturica: How to Organize the Fostering of Tolerance in School and Out-of-School Activities.”