Moldova “Roots of Tolerance” Camp Begins Work
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                  Moldova “Roots of Tolerance” Camp Begins Work

                  Moldova “Roots of Tolerance” Camp Begins Work


                  The international children's camp “Roots of Tolerance” has opened for the first time at the Dachia recreation camp in Valui Lui Vode (Moldova), with the support of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

                  The implementation of programs aimed at the development of international and interfaith dialogue, the fostering of tolerance among youth, is a priority of the EAJC. The “Roots of Tolerance” camps are help every year, using a special method – immersion into the culture and traditions of the peoples represented at the camp.

                  The Moldova “Roots of Tolerance” camp was organized with the aid of the Bureau of Interethnic Relations of Moldova, the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine, and the Jewish Center Kedem. Financial support for the camp was provided by the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and its Vice President Mark Shabad, as well as the Moldova office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. The aim of the project is to foster tolerance and rejection of xenophobia, and the spread of knowledge of the ethnic diversity of Moldova.

                  80 children aged 12 to 17, representing seven ethnic communities from the republic, came to Vadul Lui Vode. Every days in the camp was dedicated to one of the ethnic groups that live on the territory of Moldova. According to the program director of the camp Kira Kreiderman, “the children will be introduced to the languags, history, and traditions of various peoples, will prepare vivid evening programs in the national style of a certain ethnos. Experienced camp councilors and instructors from Ukraine and Moldova will be working with the groups.”

                  As one of the initiators of the “Roots of Tolerance” camp, EAJC General Council Chairman Josef Zisels said: “If we can imprint an understanding of the principles of tolerance into the hearts and sous of the children who attend the camp, we can say that we've fulfilled our task.”