EnerJew Inspires Coordinators at Baku Seminar
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                  EnerJew Inspires Coordinators at Baku Seminar

                  EnerJew Inspires Coordinators at Baku Seminar

                  25.11.2019, Jewish Communities

                  85 young coordinators of the EnerJew youth movement from eight FSU countries, came together last week in Baku, Azerbaijan for a five-day inspirational training seminar.

                  Filled with creative, educational and spiritual ideas, the seminar set to provide the youngsters with motivation, skills, and knowledge to successfully carry on the activity in EnerJew clubs back in their hometowns.

                  “It was an intensive, multi-faceted seminar – we renewed our energy levels, networked with colleagues from all over the region, exchanged creative ideas and searched solutions,” said Alexander Oleinikov, a coordinator from Mariupol, Ukraine on his club’s Instagram page. “Now we will bring these ideas back home to make our weekly club activities even more exciting and valuable,” he said.

                  Besides workshops and training sessions the seminar included a lot of fun activities: there were day-trips and awards, informal meetings with inspirational people and personal stories. The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, who was in Baku for a religious conference, surprised the young leaders by coming to the seminar Friday morning and giving a talk about the patriarch Avraham and his way of leading by example, which made quite an impression on everyone.

                  “Coordinators are the backbone of EnerJew, they are the initiators of grass-root local initiatives and future community leaders. We wanted to make sure they walk away from this seminar feeling re-energized and inspired, filled with new skills and ideas,” said Konstantin Shulman, EnerJew director.

                  The seminar was conducted in collaboration with the JNF-KKL as part of the joint ECOJEW project and included lectures and activities on a variety of ecological issues.