Israeli Ambassador Honors Jewish Kharkov
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                  Israeli Ambassador Honors Jewish Kharkov

                  Israeli Ambassador Honors Jewish Kharkov

                  19.12.2019, Ukraine

                  The Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine, Mr. Joel Lion took part this week in the grand Yud Tet Kislev Celebration in Kharkov, Ukraine. Over 300 people joined the event. The Ambassador spoke of the importance of Jewish Unity.

                  The next morning, the Ambassador joined Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz at Drobitsky Yar at a memorial program in the place where over 30,000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

                  In the State Government Building, a special ceremony took place to award the descendant of a righteous gentile who saved a Jewish girl during the war with the Ambassador and the Governor of Kharkov, Mr. Oleksiy Kucher. Rabbi Moskovitz mentioned that most of his father’s family who perished in the holocaust, unfortunately, did not have those righteous gentiles to save them. He spoke, as did the Ambassador of the importance of continuing the message of educating the new generation to respect all people.

                  At the press conference, the Ambassador was asked about the rise of antisemitism in Ukraine and proudly stated that if the Chief Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz can light the menorah in the center of the city that is a sign that there is support from the local government and city.